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Your New Visual Arsenal

NuSupply is a design co-op helping you cook up fresh visuals every month.
Stretch your creativity by experimenting with assets some of your favorite creators are using.


Only $5/month.

Every month we feature three contributors

Here's what you'll get in your first asset bundle.

From Designer: Chroma Supply

From Designer: Jonathan Swinney

From Designer: Joe Cavazos

How does
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  1. Sign-up for $5/month.
  2. Receive this month’s asset bundle immediately.
  3. Get your new asset bundle every month.
  4. Flex on your clients.


Chroma Supply

Abstract tools and textures for designers and creatives.
Custom and large-scale licensing available.


Jonathan Swinney

Visual Artist


Joe Cavazos

Artist & Designer



what you can
Expect from
Future bundles


  1. Fonts
  2. Textures
  3. Backgrounds
  4. Overlays
  5. Vectors
  6. Objects
  7. Actions
  8. Presets