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Your New Visual Arsenal

NuSupply is a design co-op helping you cook up fresh visuals every month.
Stretch your creativity by experimenting with assets some of your favorite creators are using.


Only $5/month.

Every month we feature three contributors

Here's what you'll get in your first asset bundle.

From Designer: Joe Cavazos

From Designer: ANDR35

From Designer: Alex Rodriguez

How does
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  1. Sign-up for $5/month.
  2. Receive this month’s asset bundle immediately.
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  4. Flex on your clients.


Joe Cavazos

Independent Artist & Designer based in Mission, TX.
Co-Owner of @nusupply +




• Full-time graphic designer
• I create Typefaces/Logos


Alex Rodriguez

Waiting for my time to come.
Servant & Graphic Designer


what you can
Expect from
Future bundles


  1. Fonts
  2. Textures
  3. Backgrounds
  4. Overlays
  5. Vectors
  6. Objects
  7. Actions
  8. Presets