Terms of Service

NuSupply is a marketplace. So while we vet our sellers very thoroughly, we can’t accept liability for copyright infringement or other legal issues that might arise from use of the products. However, we ask our contributors to agree to the following:

  • No royalties are attached to the use of the assets.
  • These assets are completely created by the creator and free from extra copyright claims.
  • The assets will be reasonably useable and easy enough to manipulate by a designer with basic skills.

Usage Rights

Purchasing an asset from NuSupply gives you the right to use it without limits for your organization (with the exceptions listed below). An organization, as we define it, is one of the following:

  1. a church including all of its ministries/staff/volunteers.
  2. a design company and all of its employees.

Exceptions to unlimited use:

  1. Assets shall not be used for illegal, defamatory, or degrading purposes.
  2. No copying, duplicating, replicating, or re-mastering assets for extended distribution unless they make up less than 15% of the work.
    • This includes using one asset, changing a few small things, and distributing it to multiple clients. Eg. Don’t buy one sermon series pack and then sell the outputted files to multiple clients.
    • A NuSupply asset can’t be the dominant part of the distributed image/file. Eg. If you’re selling your own assets, the NuSupply product should be only one small part of it, otherwise you’re looking for extended licensing.
    • If you do want to re-package and sell assets, contact us for extended license pricing.