Smart PSD

Three easy steps to transform your image with a kaleidoscope effect.

For years I’ve been using mirrored imagery in much of my design work—from album covers, to background imagery, to social media posts. I found myself creating these effects manually in Photoshop, which is a very time-consuming process. I wanted to create a process that was quicker to use. So I developed Reflector.

How does Reflector work? Reflector is a Smart Photoshop PSD that uses smart objects to created mirrored imagery from one photo in three easy steps. Check out the walk-through:

  1. Open the Smart Object.
  2. Position your image.
  3. Save and check out your creations.

What do you get with Reflector?

  1. Wide Format Smart PSD, 3000×1688 pixels (12 Reflector Variations)
  2. Square Format Smart PSD, 3000×3000 pixels (12 Reflector Variations)
  3. Reflector Video Start Guide


  1. Stock Imagery Collection

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