Organic -


Abstract Nature Textures

A set of 25 high resolution abstract nature textures.

For a long time, I’ve been drawn to the abstract patterns and textures found in nature. Over the years, I’ve been taking photos those patterns—from the unique rocks carved by millions of years of volcanic activity in Yellowstone all the way to patterns on the bark from a tree in my backyard. Each of the pieces in Organic started with one of those photos of textures and patterns. I then processed them in Photoshop using my own abstract techniques. The result is natural, yet highly unique and abstract artwork.

Since these resources are high resolution, they’ll work great in print (bulletin, poster, banner, etc.) or on screen/web (sermon slides, worship backgrounds, web site imagery, etc.). Use the full piece or crop in close to use the fine details.


  • 25 JPG files
  • 6000 x 4000px (13.33 x 20in)
  • 300dpi in RGB colorspace

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